CVE-2023-38831: WinRAR Bug Or Windows Feature? In-Depth Analysis of Winrar CVE-2023-38831 Vulnerability

winrar CVE-2023-38831 vulnerability: Hi again,In the recent week, we saw that a new vulnerability was published by Group-IB from Winrar.I decided to analyze it in detail and find out why this type of vulnerability which is very very simple, should occur in such essential software like Winrar.At first look, I thought that this vulnerability was […]


break Assets: First Section: Static Analysis This challenge is a very hard one. You have a Linux ELF file that uses many anti-debugging techniques that don’t let you debug and analyze it easily.The file is x86 ELF and when you run it, shows you a prompt to enter a password.OK, when you open it in […]


9-crackstaller Assets: First section: The hard challenges starts at the moment. This file is a executable file that at the first glance, we see the .data section is encrypted. So we have a file that probably is packed. Ok let’s run it in a VM to observe its behavior. I use a Windows7-x64 as guest […]