ELF’s Story Part4: ELF’s Structure: ELF Sections

1- ELF Sections In the previous part I talked about ELF Section headers.Now you are familiar with section headers and you saw that the section headers table has a special structure. Sections contain all information that needed for linking a target object file in order to build a working executable.But the sections haven’t any special […]

ELF’s Story Part3: ELF’s Structure: ELF Section Headers

1-Introduction Are you ready to delve deeper into the world of ELF files? In my previous part, I discussed the critical role of the ELF header in locating different parts of the file. Today, I want to share with you some exciting information about the ELF Section Headers. These headers serve as descriptors for various […]

ELF’s Story Part2: ELF’s Structure: ELF Header

1-Introduction In the previous part of this story, we learned about compilation, linking, and how a linker works. In this part, I would like to discuss the ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) structure and the elements that make up an ELF file. An ELF file is not just a binary code that executes on a […]

CVE-2023-38831: WinRAR Bug Or Windows Feature? In-Depth Analysis of Winrar CVE-2023-38831 Vulnerability

winrar CVE-2023-38831 vulnerability: Hi again,In the recent week, we saw that a new vulnerability was published by Group-IB from Winrar.I decided to analyze it in detail and find out why this type of vulnerability which is very very simple, should occur in such essential software like Winrar.At first look, I thought that this vulnerability was […]


2-garbage Assets: First Section: When we run the exe file, we see an error message from windows, that this file is invalid or something else.When we open file in a hex-editor, at the end of file we see that the Manifestxml which windows uses to run the program, is corrupted.The file is packed with UPX. […]


1-Fidler Assets: First Part: This is very simple. When you run the fidler.exe file, it shows a password box. The password checker function is simple. copy the password_check() in a new file run it with Python and print the ‘key’ value: “ghost”. def password_check(input): altered_key = ‘hiptu’ key = ”.join([chr(ord(x) – 1) for x in […]